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Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

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Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible


ab auf Anfrage €

0 - 100 km/h

3.9 Sek.


330 km/h







Verbrauch / 100 km

15.9 Ltr.

CO2-Emission ab

362 g/km




5998 cm3


1017 Nm




2455 kg

If the new Continental Supersports is the most exciting Bentley ever built, then the Convertible takes the experience to another level.

With the top down, you enjoy a heightened experience of phenomenal performance, handling and speed. It is practical for all seasons too, being well-insulated to keep you warm or cool all year round. It is perfect for open-top motoring through the summer and as comfortable as the coupé during the winter months. Its supercar performance is the result of an astonishing 700 bhp (710 PS) harnessed with engineering innovations that include Torque Vectoring, developed by Bentley Motorsport.

All housed in a car that is the highest iteration of the current Continental GT: with its striking and assertive appearance, it looks every inch a supercar with bold body styling features and carbon-fibre accents. The interior also delivers a stunning race-inspired design in the form of a uniquely bold chequered carbon-fibre to the fascia plates, and a completely new three-tone interior colour splitoption. Only a very limited number of these cars will be built, making the new Continental Supersports Convertible a rare and unique pleasure to own and drive.

The Continental Supersports Convertible is instantly recognisable from its brooding, striking looks, with unique design features that make it stand out from its siblings. With an unlimited choice of colours and unique colour splits, you can personalise the Supersports to reflect your own unique style.

Body styling features a bold new front and rear bumper design with carbon-fibre accents, while distinctive carbon-fibre bonnet vents and side skirts underscore the supercar capabilities even further. Full exterior Blackware on the radiator surround, light units, window surrounds, rear bumper and door handle inserts give the car a strikingly assertive look, as do the gloss black exhaust tailpipe finishes and wing vents. And the brooding image is completed by the dark tint front and rear lights, 21” Black and Bright Lightweight Forged Sports wheels and gloss black front radiator matrix grille – the first available on this generation of W12-powered Continentals.